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Tela Holcomb OVERVIEW

Tela Holcomb OVERVIEW


Embry Riddle Aeronautical University


$5 Million


Stock Market Educator






December 12, 1993


29 Years



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$ 0 M

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Tela Holcomb Biography​

A wife, mother trading in stocks and options, Survivor of 9-5 as well as a risk-taker and freedom chaser … however, it hasn’t always been the case in my reality.

I can understand the anger of feeling pressured to follow your employer’s ideal.
I am also aware of the advantages of giving myself promotions, bonuses, and raises “promotions” and doing what brings ME happiness.

In 2009 I was already over the routine of a 9-5 job; the market enthralled me. However, how it was taught to me was a mess! However, I fired through my mind, absorbed all the information I could (and made a loss) until I had found a way to trade which would allow me to clear all of my debts and achieve the goal of FIRE (financial independence, early retirement) at the age of 29.


Real Name/Full Name

Tela Holcomb

Nick Name/Celebrated Name :

Tela Holcomb

Date Of Birth/Birthday

 December 12, 1993

Born In:

Tela Holcomb was born in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

Professional :

Tela is a stocks and options trader, mom, and wife who has achieved financial freedom by learning to trade successfully in the stock market.

Age :

28 years old

Present Address :


Language :


Education Qualification :

Tela Holcomb graduated with her paralegal studies from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

College Name :


School Name :



Height/How Tall:

5 feet 4 inches tall

Weight: KG/lbs

57 kg

Eye Color


Hair Color


Shoe Size :

Uk 14 to us shoe size


Father’s Name :


Mother Name :


Marital Status / Married


Husband / Spouse Name :


Marriage Date


Kids/Children Name:

she has a child






Who Is Tela Holcomb?​

Her name of her is Tela Holcomb; she is an option and stocks trader, investor, and serial business owner. According to her family’s words, she’s financially secure and enjoying a life she enjoys!

However, it was only sometimes the way. Like many of us, she was required to make a side hustle or was dependent upon
Her 9-5 job was to pay her expenses. Although she was paid well, it was just… the heart was not really in it.
In 2009, she began to learn how to trade stocks. She was taught a method of investing and trading that could replace her income but wouldn’t require her to work at a computer for eight hours a day. Then, she lost her job. She began to concentrate on finding a way to replace her income. Today she will talk about how she changed her 9-to-5 for an income.

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Who Is Tela Holcomb

Tela Holcomb Family

Tela Holcomb was born in a small town located in the middle of the wilderness. Tela was sole child of two hardworking parents with a modest budget. Tela was a discipline person early in her childhood. She was a lover of reading books and socialize with her friends. Her determination and enthusiasm allowed her to earn an impressive job in the market. Within her family she has a child. Her mother and father are alive. Tela Holcomb’s clan is close and they like being together no matter if it’s just their extended families or even extended members of the same family. They’re always there for each other and always ready to help.

Tela Holcomb Net Worth History

It was in 2009 that the stock market enthralled me, but in honest discussion, the language was a mess. But I was determined to fire up my brain, consumed all the information I could (and made a loss) until I came up with a strategy for trading that would enable me to repay my debt and then retire in 2014.

That would’ve been a fantastic feat. however, I was never able to achieve it.
The year 2012 was the time that my work for four years was a shambles. The deuces and I were essentially lost in the frigid cold to snuggle in the dark corner, eating Ramen noodles.

If I had lost my job, I would have waved at the flag of victory, but nope, I did not. My firing was the most beneficial thing my employer could have done for me. How could that be? That sudden hit in the butt caused me to apply the stock market information I had in my head to attain financial freedom earlier than I had planned.

Instead of retiring in 2014, I kicked the financial freedom of my life in the face as I more than doubled my retirement fund in 2013 – only 8 months after being let go of the “good-paying” job.

I’m not a broker of stocks. I’m a feisty mom and wife who will do anything to create a heritage of prosperity for our family without doing so much work that I do not have the chance to be with the people that are most important to me. I’m a straight-talking, successful invigorator who helps people achieve their most incredible goals.

I’m on the quest to assist action-oriented people like you in changing your 9-to-5 ™, so you can live life to the FIRE (financially independent, early retirement)!

I can relate to the frustration of being a slave to the company’s ideals. I also know the benefits of giving myself bonuses, raises and “promotions” and doing what brings ME happiness.

I plan to apply my experiences, knowledge, and every interaction with the thousands of people I’ve touched on, teaching you how to achieve the same thing in your life.


Net Worth in 2022

$5 Million

Net Worth in 2021

3.5 Million

Net Worth in 2020

2.5 Million

Net Worth in 2019

1.8 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Tela Holcomb?

Tela Holcomb total net worth is about $5 Million.

What is the Height of Tela Holcomb?

The height of Tela Holcomb is 5 .4″.

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