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Robyn Thompson Net Worth | Biography, Body Features | Real Estate Expert

Robyn Thompson Net Wort

Robyn Thompson OVERVIEW


Syracuse University


$13 Million


Real Down to Earth Teacher






March 31, 1974​


48 Years



0 %

Cash Money-

0 %

Private Asset-

0 %

Public Asset-

$ 0 M

Total Net worth-

Robyn Thompson Biography​

Robyn Thompson is referred to by the title “The The Queen of Rehab” throughout the United States and Canada for her experience in purchasing restoration, selling, and buying homes for large amounts of dollars.

Robyn realized after nine years in a job that was a dead end that all her hard work and commitment to IBM did not guarantee financial freedom. She resigned from her position that was well-paying and never looked back.

Since quitting IBM twenty years back, Robyn has acquired, restored, and sold more than 420 homes that range in value between $8,000 and $4,000,000.

Robyn began to buy homes in their early twenties, at age 22. She was already an investor in real estate with four houses in her portfolio when she realized she had more to offer customers than the occasional renovation project that happens here and there.

She contacted one of her realtor friends and told him she would like to purchase ten investment properties over the next six months. So why didn’t they get together and get it done?

The friend she was with agreed, and they did exactly this. Today, many years after, Robyn is still going well as an instructor to be taken seriously! Robyn has also been ranked in the eyes of Amazon as the second highest-selling author worldwide for books on personal finance (behind only Robert Kiyosaki).


Real Name/Full Name

Robin Thompson

Nick Name/Celebrated Name :

Robin Thompson

Date Of Birth/Birthday

March 31, 1974

Born In:

Terre Haute to Danny Carter and Dee Ann Maxwell Carter

Profession :

She is also known for her role as “The Queen of Rehabs.” Robyn has been involved in numerous real property transactions. She is a genuine, down-to-earth instructor.

Age :

48 Old

Present Address :

9250 NW 145th Ave Rd Morriston, FL 32668.

Language :


Education Qualification :

Studied visual art at Syracuse University earning a BFA in 2002. She later went on to earn an MEd from Lesley University.

College Name :


School Name :



Height/How Tall:


Weight: KG/lbs

Weight: 225 (102kg)

Eye Color


Hair Color


Shoe Size :

9 US.


Father’s Name :

Danny Carter (Brenda)

Mother Name :

Bonnie Russell

Marital Status / Married


Husband / Spouse Name :

George Thompson

Marriage Date

October 28, 2015

Kids/Children Name:

Her survivors include three children, Levi Otto (Hailey Kellams) of Terre Haute, Brittany Norton (Andrew) of Brazil, Linda Thompson of Clinton and an unrelated stepson, Aaron Willman (Ashley) of Terre Haute.






Who Is Robyn Thompson?​

Robyn Thompson is the top expert on buying, renovating, and selling multi-family and single-family properties to earn enormous gains. Robyn has completed renovations and sold more than 300 houses.

Robyn is a teacher who has taught hundreds of people how to reach financial freedom by purchasing distressed homes. Robyn has turned selling homes into a scientific process and is familiar with every method that can be used to locate lucrative deals, renovate distressed properties in a flash and reduce the cost of holding and help buyers with good credit and speed closings to allow you to collect an enormous check.

Who Is Robyn Thompson​

Robyn Thompson Family

Robyn Thompson is a mom of two and loves shopping with her friends and family. She particularly enjoyed shopping at Country Cabin and Bath and Body Works. She loved fishing and boating, but most importantly, she loved spending time with her husband, kids, grandchildren, and family.

Her mom predeceased her. Her husband is George Thompson of West Terre Haute, as well as the father of her, Danny Carter (Brenda) from Florida. She is survived by her children, Levi Otto (Hailey Kellams) of Terre Haute, Brittany Norton (Andrew) of Brazil, Linda Thompson of Clinton, and an unmarried stepson, Aaron Willman (Ashley) of Terre Haute.

She is also survived by one brother, Jill Flack (Chris) of Terre Haute, and another twin brother named Todd Carter, also from Terre Haute. She is survived by grandchildren Bryley Norton, Braylyn Norton, Kyrie Norton, Hannah Moreland, Savannah Wallace, Brantley Spitler, and Jordan Otto. Other survivors include special brothers Tim Wagle; sister-in-law Marilyn Miller; brother-in-law Gary Thompson; and nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Robyn Thompson Net Worth History

Robyn Thompson has been dubbed the world’s top expert in purchasing, renovating, and selling houses for massive chunks of money and is known across all of the United States and Canada as “The Queen of Rehab.” After nine years of working at a job that was a waste of time, Robyn realized that her perseverance and commitment to IBM wouldn’t bring financial independence. She left her job and her security and never looked back.

In the two decades since Robyn quit IBM, she has purchased, renovated, sold, and purchased more than 420 homes, with prices ranging from $8,000 and up to $4,000,000. The cost has been as high as $2100,000 on construction and labor in one year to make improvements to properties using over 22 contractors who work full-time to transform the abandoned homes she purchased and transform them into castles of miniature size with lightning speed.

Robyn is also acquiring a huge collection of beautiful homes via the sale of seller financing. She rents them to high-end tenants, which has created massive passive wealth.
Robyn will share her methods for:

1.) How do you find lucrative homes?
2.) How can you assess these flips to determine if they are profitable flips or keepers
3.) How do you make multiple offers
4.) How do you attract top tenants that don’t take your home apart?

Robyn mentored thousands of children in her native United States to become financially self-sufficient. She has performed on a platform alongside Donald Trump, Dr. Phil, Mark Victor Hansen, Ron LeGrand, Marshall Sylver, and many other legends.

Robyn utilizes her expertise as a real estate market to aid those who are less fortunate. One of the most important construction projects that Robyn accomplished was an orphanage located in one of the most deprived countries around the globe for 165 children. Robyn offers the most recent techniques for renovating homes to generate enormous profits and ways to create enormous passive wealth, which is why she is considered one of the most sought-after speakers in the country.

What Is Robyn Thompson’s Net Worth?

Robyn shares cutting-edge methods to find those most in need of selling and generate high-profit sales. The best way to find unlimited funds for your rehabilitation. How to find the top contractors to make your stunning home and sell your home quickly at the market’s maximum value in difficult economic times.

I’ve been a real estate investor for over a quarter of a century and have bought, renovated, sold, and bought hundreds of homes. I began by selling my first property before I had even owned it, then making use of the proceeds to purchase my next home, and that’s what we will teach you through our program.

Over the years, I’ve developed a simple step-by-step method that anyone can follow. It took me a long time before I could make it perfect. But finally, it’s on sale in a simple form on DVD.

In this course, you will learn to sell your home before buying a new one and how to use the profits to ensure that you won’t be required to take on any risk with credit or money when making transactions.

This method of making deals is known as wholesale flipping or cash-backflipping. Many investors who engage in wholesale flips have completed several hundred deals and earn an income from these deals today.


Net Worth in 2022

$13 Million

Net Worth in 2021


Net Worth in 2020


Net Worth in 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Robyn Thompson?

Robyn Thompson total net worth is about $13 Million.

What is the Height of Robyn Thompson?

The height of Robyn Thompson is 6’6″.

What is the name of Robyn Thompson Husband?

Robyn Thompson’s Husband name is George Thompson.

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