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Robert Pohly Biography



University of Colorado Boulder


$4.4 billion




Founder & Portfolio Manager


February 8, 1972



Robert Pohly Biography

Rob Pohly is the founder and portfolio manager at Samlyn Capital. He has over fifteen years of experience in the industry and has been managing equity portfolios for the past decade.

Rob Pohly was born in New York City and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1997 with a BA in Economics. After working in the private equity industry for a few years, Rob enrolled at Columbia Business School, where he earned his MBA in 2001.

Since then, Rob has been managing equity portfolios for both hedge funds and institutional investors. He founded Samlyn Capital in 2007, and the fund has since grown to $4.4 billion in assets under management.

Rob is a value investor with a long-term orientation. He seeks to identify companies that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value, and he invests with a margin of safety.

In addition to his work at Samlyn Capital, Rob serves on the board of directors of the Robin Hood Foundation, a New York City-based nonprofit that fights poverty.


Real Name/Full Name

Robert Pohly

Nick Name/Celebrated Name:

Robert Pohly


Rob has been named Portfolio Manager. He is also the founder of Samlyn Capital, a $4.4 billion equity short/long fund that Rob established in March 2007. before being a member of Samlyn, Rob was a Portfolio Manager at Sigma Capital Management from 2001 to 2006.




50 Years


Present Address

43 5th Ave, Apt 6S, New York, NY, 10003-4368


English, German


United States of American


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Age/How Old:

50 Old


Mother Name

Susan Pohly,

Marital Status / Married


Kids/Children Name:

They had 2 children: Alice E. Stokvis (born Pohly) and one other child .


Have 2 brothers: Alfred Pohly and one other sibling .

Wife Name and marriage date

Marie Rika Pohly, (born Rosenthal) on the day of the month 1905, aged 29 at the time of marriage. Marie was born in the 18th of April, 1884 at Dresden, Saxony, Germany.


University Name

Yale University

Who Is Robert Pohly?

Rob manages the portfolio and is co-founder of Samlyn Capital, a $4.4 billion equity fund created on March 7, 2007. Before becoming a part of Samlyn, Rob was a Portfolio Manager at Sigma Capital Management from 2001 until 2006. Rob was an Asset Manager at Credit Suisse First Boston in its investment group owned by Credit Suisse First Boston between 2000 and 2001.
Before that, Rob served as a Financial Services Analyst in Tiger Management from 1997 to 2000. Before his appointment at Tiger, Rob was an Analyst with Goldman Sachs’ Equity Capital Markets group from 1996 until 1997 and was an analyst in the investment banking department of Goldman Sachs’ Financial Institutions Group from 1994 until 1996. Rob earned an A.B. from Yale University

Who Is Robert Pohly

Robert Pohly Career in Finance Details & History :

Samlyn Capital (Samlyn) is an American hedge fund manager founded in 2006 by Robert Pohly, formerly of Sigma Capital, a subsidiary of Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors. Samlyn manages portfolios that use a long/short investing approach, focusing on equity security. Its investment approach allows Samlyn’s capacity to invest a portion of its clients’ funds in one market, sector, capitalization, or geographical region.

Robert Pohly' Net Worth History:

The People and organization: Samlyn Capital (the “firm”), founded in 2007 and created by Robert Pohly in 2007, is a reorganization of Sigma Capital, a wholly-owned subsidiary of S.A.C. Capital. The company currently manages around $3.5 billion of Samlyn Onshore Fund, L.P. / Samlyn Offshore, Ltd. (“Samlyn” or the “fund”), an equity long-short and equity strategy that focuses on healthcare, financial, and industrial firms. Before launching the company Pohly. Pohly was a portfolio manager at Sigma between 2001 and 2006, when he was responsible for the most assets and the largest staff of any manager in the portfolio other than the founder of Sigma, Steven Cohen, S.A.C.’s founder. Before joining Sigma, Ms. Pohly held portfolio management and analyst posts with Credit Suisse, Tiger Management, and Goldman Sachs. Samlyn Capital is based in New York City, where all its employees work. Its C.E.O., Mr. Pohly, and the firm’s staff have invested most of their net worth into the fund and, as a whole, are one of Samlyn’s top five investors.

The investment strategy and process: Samlyn is an equity short/long fund primarily focused on healthcare, financial, and industrial firms. The fund is based on fundamental, profound, bottom-up analysis to determine the best short and long concepts. Samlyn is a fund that has minimal exposure to markets and sectors. Net sector exposures are anticipated to vary between 0 and 15 percent, while all market exposures could be expected to vary from +20% up to +40 percent.

Performance: Samlyn has produced very impressive absolute and risk-adjusted returns. From its launch until June 2011, it earned an average annual return of 13.40 percent with fluctuations of 8.71 percent, leading to a Sharpe ratio that was 1.27.

Risk Management: Mr. Pohly is responsible for managing risk for the portfolio. He monitors short, long net, gross beta, sector, and sub-sector-specific exposures daily. In addition, the liquidity and short interest of individual positions and the geographic locations and concentrations within specific sectors are monitored closely. The C.F.O. of the fund uses reports from the prime broker and other customized information to track the volatility of portfolios, VaR as well as stress tests and also alerts Pohly. Pohly to changing trends.

Operations Analysis: Samlyn’s group, comprised of 13 non-investment specialists, effectively manages all business and trading operations and is in compliance with the majority of the best practices in process for the industry. The fund is transparent. Every month investors are provided with a complete stats report that includes exposures, attributions, and the most popular positions.

Investment Terms: The fund offers two classes of shares: 1.) 2.2% management fee and 20% incentive charge for a hard lock-up of one year and an easy lock-up with a 7% redemption fee in year 2. Then, semi-annual liquidity for the following year or) a 1.5 percent management fee and 17.5 percent incentives fee when you have a three-year hard lock-up, followed by a soft lock-up with a 7% redemption fee in year four. The fund has the key-man clause that grants the use of special withdrawal rights associated with key-man provisions associated with Mr. Pohly’s role.


Net Worth in 2023

$4.4 Billion

Net Worth in 2021

$4.2 billion

Net Worth in 2020


Net Worth in 2019


Years Active


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Robert Pohly?

Robert Pohly’s total net worth is about $4.4 Millionn.

What is the age of Robert Pohly?

At present, Robert Pohly is 50 years old (February 8, 1972)

What is the Height of Robert Pohly?

The height of Robert Pohly is 5.2″

What is the name of Robert Pohly's wife?

Robert Pohly’s wife’s name is Marie Rika Pohly

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