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Darrell Winn OVERVIEW

Darrell Winn Net Worth
Darrell Winn Net Worth
Full nameDarrell Winn
OccupationGospel Singe
BIRTH DATE​​August 19, 1962
EDUCATION​Louisiana State University

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Darrell Winn Overview

Darrell Winn is a gospel singer, and a former tenor of The Jimmy Swaggart Ministry. He sings solo as well in the group. He is a modest person, which is why he doesn’t talk about his life or his past. Videos featuring his soulful performances receive hundreds of thousands of views, however the artist does not have the YouTube channel of his own. He is a member in the Christian church, and a committed Christian.

Biography: Age, Origin

Darrell isn’t generous with details that will satisfy the need for information of his followers. He was born on the 19th of August 19th 1962. It was born African American, but who his parents were is unanswered. He was born in Louisiana. He attended Jackson High School. In 1986, he earned his degree from Louisiana State University in 1986.

Career of the Gospel Singer

Darrell Winn became a real star and favorite of Americans when he began to sing as part of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries group. This is an evangelist preacher who organized a musical group. As part of his group, the best singers in the United States. This music is loved by people all over the world, regardless of religion. He recently started his solo career. It was a definite step forward, because his talent is more obvious to the public.

An unexpected turn in his career was the opening of a candy store/bakery. He had a longtime hobby of making delicious desserts. When he became a solo artist, he had more free time. The man opened Sweet Thangz. Orders can be placed on Facebook. In the fall of 2022, Darrell Winn announced that he was starting to take orders not only from Louisiana, but also from nearby states.

Darrell Winn’s Wife and Children

The chef and singer is married for around 20 years. The full address of his spouse isn’t known to the general public since she has a pseudonym for her on Facebook. Couple has 2 kids (a son and daughter). They’re an age. Darrell, the father of three children, recently wrote an article about his daughter getting an employment opportunity for the first time. Darrell is very proud as he raises his kids with a passion for work. Additional information on the personal background of the Winn family is available on the page on Facebook. There are lots of family photos, however there isn’t much personal information available, so people who prefer to keep the details might be disappointed. But, Darrell is open with people in the way Darrell is able to.

The wives and Darrell frequently emphasize their belief of Jesus Christ. They are both evangelists.

Darrell Winn Net Worth

The musician lives a simple life, however his earnings enable him to support an entire family. His primary source of income comes from concert tours. Other revenue comes from the sale of desserts. The net worth of his family could be as high as $500 thousand dollars.


Darrell Winn enjoys a luxurious life style, enjoying extravagant experiences, like luxurious cars, holidays and luxurious residences. Yet, he is committed to his profession, continually looking for new opportunities and challenges for growth. Apart the professional activities, Darrell has a keen passion for camping and traveling. Darrell is actively involved in charitable projects, making use of his position to make an contribution to society.


Nick Name/Celebrated Name :Darrel A Wynn
Born In/Birth PlaceLouisiana
Education QualificationHe graduated from Jackson High School there. He was in 1986 when he was awarded his Grad of Louisiana State University.
Marital Status / Marriedunknown

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Darrell Winn Singer?

Darrell Winn is a gospel singer and former Tenor for the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. Jimmy Swaggart Ministries . The man sings both solo and in the group.

Is Darrell Winn Married?

Darrell Winn’s Wife and their children. The chef and the singer have been married for about 20 years. Darrell Winn is one of the most well-known singers in the group.

What Happened To Darrell Winn On Jimmy Swaggart

Darrell Winn singing There Is a Balm in Gilead at the Family Worship Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Reverend Jimmy Swaggart created this gorgeous rendition. The balm of Gileadis an ode to in the Old Testament, but the lyrics of this song refer towards an New Testament concept of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is believed that the Balm of Gilead is interpreted as a spiritual remedy that can help Israel (and people who are sinners generally). There is a Balm Gilead is one of the classic African American spiritual. The time of its creation is unknown, however the song’s origins date at least up to 19th-century. A variation of the tune can be found in the hymn written by Washington Glass in 1854 “The Sinner’s Cure”.

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